Your identity is the basis of your brand that will define you.
The web, however, is the only place where your business is available 24/7.
We work on both.


We design logos and images. We make illustrations.
We wrap digital and printed publications.
We take photographs. We implement media campaigns. We provide full graphic design.


We register domain and storage space. We develop WordPress web pages. We provide search engine optimization. We share the knowledge needed to manage your page. We operate your page and provide maintenance.


We do market research. We analyze existing brands. We do positioning. We design offline and online marketing strategies. We support marketing-based text writing. We tell a story with your brand.

Logo design trends forecast 2022.


Our experience is nothing without your motivation.

We follow trends. Less is more.


A group of freelancers. One for all, all for one. Your request is paramount.
We create a unique process with each customer. We support all areas of branding.
Sharing our experiences helps develop your business.

Gergő Kránicz

Founder, Graphic designer

Árpád Szabó

Co-Founder, Developer

Zsolt Kudar

Dorottya Balázs

Balázs Turós

Mátyás Tóth

Attila Földesi


We encourage freelancers to join our creative agency. Be a member of a team. Be inspired and participate in developing processes and ideas while keeping your own individual professional status at the same time.
You are welcome even if you are just about to start your own business. Give it a try!